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How To Write a Full SEO Optimized Post In WordPress

As You Know WordPress Is a Best Platform For Bloggers and Thousands Of  Bloggers Use WordPress As Their Blogging Platform. If You are a Blogger And Want Organic Traffic (Traffic From Search Engines) On Your Blog Then You Need To Write SEO Friendly Posts On Your Blog. So Today I Share With You How To Write SEO Optimized Posts In WordPress. You Can Easily Write SEO Friendly Posts On Your Blog And Increase Traffic On Your Blog. Once Your Blog Traffic Is Increase Then Your Earnings Is Also Increase…

1. Post Title And Permalink Of Post


Post Title And Permalink Is Very Important Factor Of Your Post. Always Include Your Targeted Keyword In Post Title And Permalink Also. Write Unique Titles Of All Posts. Always target One Keyword Per Post. Write Post Title Less Than 60 Character.

2. Post Meta Keywords And Meta Description


Now a Days Search Engines Neglect the Value to Meta Description And Keywords Tag at Ranking Time. But It Shows a Good User Experience. So Always Write Meta Keyword And Description Tag Of Your Post. And Use Long Tail Keywords In Meta Keyword Tag. Don’t Repeat The Same Keywords Many Times Otherwise Your Are a Victim Of Over Optimization. Write Unique Meta Description For Every Post.

3. Image Alt Attribute

This Is One Thing Which Many Bloggers Ignore. Image Alt Attribute Is Very Important Factor In On Page Optimization. First Is Image Name Should Relevant To Your Post Name. For Example Suppose You Write a Article On Samsung Mobile Review And You Upload a  Image In Your Post And You Find That Image Name Is “image01.jpg” So Please Change The Image Name Before Upload In Your Post. Change Its Name With Post Name. And You Know Search Engines Not Directly Understand The Images They Understand Images On Their Alt Tag. So When You Upload Images In Your Post Then Write alt Tag Of Every Image. Or If Possible Then Also Write Title and Description Of Every Image.

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4. Proper Use Of Headings H1, H2, H3


H1, H2, H3 Are Headings Tag Of Your Blog Post. Basically Your Post Title Comes In H1 And Next Subheading Comes In H2 & H3 Tags. Always Use These Tags In a Proper Way. First Use H1 Tag Then H2 And Then H3. The Proper Use Of Headings Tag Give a Good User Experience And Also Helps a lot in On Page Optimization.

5. Internal Links And External Links In Your Article


Internal Linking And External Linking Is Also a Important Task. Always Internal Link Your Articles With Each Other. With Internal Linking You Easily Increase Your Page Views And Decrease Bounce Rate Of Your Blog. And If Your Blog Bounce Rate Is Low This Is a Good News For You. Never Link Your Article With Some Other Poor Article Of Any Other Blog. Always Do Proper External Linking. Link Your Article With Trusted Articles On Other Blogs/Websites.

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Deeksha Gupta
Deeksha Gupta
5 years ago

Thank you Inderjeet Sir, for sharing this article. As a new blogger, I don’t know more about SEO and this is very useful information for me. Thanks a lot.

Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh
6 years ago

Useful post for newbies .. i came here from indiblogger and one needs more detailed post on SEO , specially for indians. Keep up the good work.. !!

Karnal Singh
Karnal Singh
6 years ago

Hi Inderjeet,
In today’s competitive online world SEO is very important…You have written a very useful post in easy to understand language…

Sumit Thakur
Sumit Thakur
6 years ago

Hello Inderjeet, nicely complied post and really awesome tips for newbie bloggers 🙂
Also it is good to see that We both are from Haryana 😀

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