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How to Use Whatsapp On Web In Chrome Browser

From the last many times we are dying to use whatsapp on our computer. But the application was only available for mobile/android/windows/iphone devices. But yesterday happened something new and better. Whatsapp owner Mark Zukerberg made some very good changes in whatsapp. Now we can use whatsapp on our computer system in google chrome browser. Ya… Its right…

That’s a new feature done by whatsapp team. But we can use whatsaap new version in only google chrome browser on our computer. No any other browser support this new feature.


How to use whatsapp on web in chrome

I know you are excited to use whatsapp on your computer. So please follow the steps below…

1. Download/Update the latest version of whatsapp in your mobile device. In this update whatsapp provides a new feature called “Whatsapp Web”

2. Open Whatsapp web In your google chrome browser.

3. You will see a QR Code on whatsapp web page. You need to scan that QR Code for access Whatsapp PC Version.


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4. Now , Open the whatsapp on your mobile device and click on “whatsapp Web” by tapping on the option bar at right side.

whatsapp for computer

5. It will automatically open your camera app then Please scan the QR Code from chrome browser using your mobile.

6. That’s finish. Now you can use whatsapp on your computer system in chrome browser.

Some Important Point :

1. Open Whatsapp Web in only single tab of browser. If you open in more tab then only 1st tab will work.

2. Whatsapp web is not available for iOS users.

3. Your mobile phone must be connected to internet when you are using whatsapp web on your computer.

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