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Top SEO Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2015

Clearly, SEO is changing quickly. You’ve noticed Panda and Penguin algorithms and Google+ authorship plus new adwords features, social media and backlinks importance extended for online marketers. Therefore, you should follow some best SEO blogs to get hold of upcoming news. Unluckily, sorting isn’t as simple as it looks from web. For that reason, I’ve gathered best blogs to cut off your trouble and I’m sure if you read this regularly then you can handle SEO better than before.

Common! I’ll show you my pickings for top 10 SEO blogs that you should be following in 2015

SEO Blogs

Google’s Official Blog

At first, you should kick off with the Google’s official blog. Here you’ll get correct SEO updates instantly. So, if you want to know current news then you must visit it once within a day. But, as I said it’s for news only. If you need guides or any kind of suggestion then you need to visit other blogs.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is a major blog in SEO industry. Here, you’ll find breaking news at first and lots of useful articles on the SEO. Plus, you’ll be given answers of your problem too right here. So, you must read this blog if you want to be aware with every details of SEO.

Search Engine Watch

It’s also providing top quality news and information on the SEO but not at first like Search Engine Land. But still it presents quality news and articles more often and supplies a bit further info on the subject. Main point is that you should read both blogs to know more about the SEO.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engines Journal flourishes the guest writers to provide excellent information. So, you’ll see various articles by different writers. Also, you can enjoy with videos, informative comments and comprehensive SEO articles as well. Thus, you may visit this blog to seek some interesting topics.


Moz plays a huge role in the SEO department. It has stated back in 2004 and from then it’s providing top-rated articles and advanced info on the SEO. You’ll not see news often but you’ll find well researched topics on the blog.


Kissmetrics is kind of blog which you’ll like in your first visit. It’s a super-awesome blog which writes about data and metrics and many other detailed SEO info. It can help you from A to Z on the SEO as it posts frequently in a week. You’ll notice beginner to advance all type of articles. If you need help on SEO or want to be connected with SEO then this is must recommended for you.


Backlinko is a famous blog which discloses mainly on SEO and Link building methods. If you want to be expert on off-page SEO then this is an ideal place to visit. Also I recommend this blog to learn about keywords researching, traffic exposure and blog promotion etc.


You know SEMRush for searching, analyzing keywords and spying your competitor. But do you know about SEMRush blog which provides latest info, tools and webinars on SEO. It covers lots of useful stuffs and guides which you can imply directly to improve your online presence and recognize new SEO tactics too. .

I put in my entire list of my favorite top SEO Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2015. Trust me guys; if you start following the above list then I’m sure than you’ll notice change within few months. Which blogs are you following currently and why?? Tell me guys. I’m eagerly waiting to know your favorite blog.

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5 years ago

Great information you have shared for us. This will help me in blogging.
Thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

SEO is a field where there are regular updates happens time to time. An SEO person must be updated with the latest update of the digital marketing world. And for that it needs some reliable blogs. And this list of blogs is very genuine. these must be read.

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this useful information. SEO knowledge is must to survive and succeed as a blogger.

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