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Top 4 Ways to Increase Domain Authority of your Blog

These days’ people think DA doesn’t have any value behind a successful site, but it’s not accurate. Domain Authority is one of the very major aspects for authentic calculations of a site for making it top ranked in search engines. To Keep Domain Authority proceeding to the tempo of 35 results in an important place of your site in the search engine.

Best Ways To Increase Domain Authority

1. High Quality Backlinks

We all know backlinks are backbone of a website. Every blogger should take this seriously. Without quality backlinks, your all hard works will look like a waste in search engines vision. So, for building a profitable site or blog, you must give value to every characteristic with an amazing endeavor of linking every page of your site/blog in splendid style with each other.
You need to notify Google that your site is not about a specific page or homepage, but all of its pages are have same weight like others. This will show the concern about your website and it will make wide sorts of backlinks from inner pages for emerging noticeable in Google for a superior quality search engine optimization.

For a long run, DA is in fact about the degree of trust you build up into the pages. Below are some useful tips to secure this objective:

>> make use of the regular and standard keywords for making a good interaction into the inner pages.

>> You should always try to connect all of your major important pages like: About Us, Contact Us, Advertise, etc by utilizing the links.

>> When backlinks comes from a high quality site, it means a lot the search engines. So you should use the keywords aim to access outstanding links that comes from other sites.

>> Always certify that the links you are using are well positioned appropriate and required when they emerge on a specific page of your site.

>> Do not use complicated keywords for linking to another page. Juice up the links with various keyword and core-text links.

2. High Quality Content

“Content is King” this famous proverb known by millions people in blogosphere. Search engines wants fresh and unique piece of content every time. The blog owners experienced Google’s primacy on exceptional contents to gain higher ranking in search results. After Google Panda’s update it’s clearly seen that tons of blogs lose their precious ranking due to poor content quality. But if your site has matchless contents then the other site will surely link to your blog and your valuable contents will be shared on wide range of sites. On the other side, this practice will gain more trust and bring vast amount of worthy backlinks.

Moreover, some other aspects also play a vital role in computing the expertise of your Domain along with maintaining the quality of content:-

>> First and foremost never steal someone’s content.
>> Publish original content
>> Avoid posting promotional links or ads excessively. It repels the visitors.
>> Do not be reluctant to write long articles, but make sure it contains significant content.
>> Write in-depth articles but don’t add words unnecessarily.
>> Utilize correct keywords along with images
>> Focus on readers at first than search engines
>> Be careful with spelling and grammar.
>> Write helpful content that matters to the readers.
>> Maintain Meta tags and descriptions properly.

3. Old Domain is Gold

There’s a saying “Old is gold”. It’s very true. Competition is getting bigger and bigger every day as new blogs are launching in quick season. That’s why DA matters a lot including readers, ranking and earning.

4. More Content

Everybody likes to read an updated (or 3-4 times a week) blog which delivers fresh information often to the readers. If you’re writing daily, then search engines will index it immediately. So, this is a good opportunity to increase visitors and site’s performance.


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