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Top 10 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog or Website

If you are a blogger looking to make money from your blogs, then you are at the right place. You can make money from online in ways, but building the quality blog and monetizing it with Ads is the best way to make money from the blog. All that you need is to know the correct way for monetizing your blog or otherwise you will fail to earn decent amount. If you would like to know those ways, read the below mentioned top 10 ways.

10 ways to make money from your blog

1. PPC or CPC Ads:

Here, PPC is Pay Per Click and CPC is Cost Per Click. These are the highest paying advertising programs. When it comes to these Ads, all the bloggers will take their blogs towards Google Adsence. But how well it is helping you for these Ads in your Blogs? All or less, isn’t it? If it is all, you are at the right place that is Google Adsence. But, all may or may not enjoy the decent income from Google Adsence. In this case, you should look for the alternatives that are similar to Google Adsence such as, Chitika, Adbrite etc. They pay little less when compared to Google Adsense.

2. Cost Per Mile Advertising:

If you can’t succeed through CPC or PPC i.e., if you have huge traffic but, hardly getting clicks, then the best way is to go for Cost Per Mile Ads. You can go for these Ads only if you have huge traffic for your website. In these Ads, even though the visitors don’t click on your Ads, you will be paid if the visitors make impression on your Ads. You will either be paid for every 1000 impressions or views.

3. Text Link Ads:

Text link Ads are the best Ads as they don’t occupy much space on your website or blog and displays on the text present on your web page or blog. There are many text link Ad providers such as infolinks.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

It is one of the most proven methods for earning money online. Through this Affiliate marketing, you will get money in the form of commission. Here, you need to promote the products on your website or blog and when someone buys that product you will get commission. There are many networks for signing up these for Affiliate marketing. So, choose the right one for y our blog.

5. Sell Ad Space:

One more ways to get money through your blog is selling some space for Ads on your blog. In order to sell Ad space, most of the networks will look for blogs that are of good quality and having huge traffic. So, try to have the one if you want to sell Ad space.

6. Providing Service:

If you are talented and able to provide some service for the customers expecting that particular service then show your expertise and talent through your blog and earn from your services provided to your customers.

7. Selling Products:

Similar to the services, you can also sell the products online and earn money. You can sell your own products such as eBooks, software’s etc. It is also one of the best ways to earn money through online.

8. Write Product Reviews:

If you are selling products in your blog, then you can try this out. Select a product that you are selling in your blog, review them well and make money online. For writing those reviews, refer some similar sites that write product reviews and try to make the review taking it as reference according to the product you have chosen to write.

9. Money through Donations:

One of the best ways is to, publish some good quality and free content on your blog and ask the visitors for donations. If people get impressed, they will donate your blog.

10. Membership Packages:

Using this method, only the premium users can view paid content on your blog or website. Though it is a complicated method, you can make it possible if your website or blog really has high quality content.
These are the most commonly and widely used monetizing ways or methods for earning money through your blog or website. So, choose the right method for your blog or website and start making money.

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