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Love Quotes, Messages, Images, Songs For Her 2016

Love Quotes is very popular search term on internet.  If you love someone and wants to impress your partner then you need some love messages for your partner.

Love Quotes

1. Pyar Na Dil Se Hota Hai, Pyar Na
Dimag Se Hota Hai, Ye Pyar
Ek Ittefaaq Se Hota Hai,
Par Pyar Kar Ki Pyar Mile, Ye
Ittefaaq Kise Kise Ki Saath Hota Hai.

2. Pyar Mein Log Bohat Majboot Ho
Jaate Hai Aur Bohat Kamzor Bhi,
Majboot Itne Ki Duniya Se Ladd
Jaate Hai, Kamzor Itne Sirf
Ek Insaan Bina Reh Nahi Paate.

3. Loving Someone Doesn’t Mean You
Have To Be Together. Sometimes,
You Just Have To Be Friends
And Be Contented With The
Connection That You Both Have.

4. Pyar Ka Rista Do Anjano Ko Jod
Deta Hai, Har Kadam Par Zindagi
Ko Naya Mod Deta Hai, Wo Sath
Date Hai Tab Bhi Jab Apna
Saya Bhi Sath Chhod Deta Hai.

5. Love Is Not Something That Happens
On First Sight, It Happens When
You Start Knowing Each Other,
And It Turn Ending Up Needing
Each Other, For Every Feeling, For
Every Thought And For Every Moment.

6. Pyaar Baarish Ki Bundho Ki
Tarah Hai, Jikso Chune Ki
Khwaish Mein, Hatheliyan To
Gili Ho Jaati Hain, Par Haath
Hamesha Khali Hi Rehti Hain.

7. True Love Is Not How You Forgive,
But How You Forget, Not What
You, See But What You Feel,
Not How, You Listen But How
You Understand, And Not How
You Let Go But How You Hold On.

Love Images

8. Agar Kisise Pyar Karte Ho To
Hamesa Uske Dil Ke Pass
Raho Aur Apne Pyar Ka
Ehsas Dilao. Warna Waqt Use
Aap Ke Bina Jina Sikha Dega. (Love Quotes 2015)

9. If Love Is Sweet Why Does It Hurt,
If Love Is Deep Why Does It
Burn, If Love Is Warm Why
Do We Shiver, If Love Is
Tender Why Do We Cry,
If Love Is Forever Why Do We Die.

10. When You Are Together With That
Special Someone, You Pretend To
Ignore That Person. But When That
Special Someone Is Not Around, You
Might Look Around To Find Them.
At That Moment, You Are In Love.

11. I Love To Love The Ones Who
Do Not Love Me Because That
Is How I Learn To
Appreciate The Love Of The
Ones Who Actually Love Me.

12. Sometime Love Is For A Moment
N Some Time Love Is For Life
Time, But Sometimes A Moment
With The One U Love Is
Enough To Spend A Life Time.

13. I Finally Understood Wat True Luv
Meant, Luv Meant Dat U Care 4
Another Prsns Happiness More
Dan Ur Own, No Matter How
Painful D Choices U Face Might Be.

14. Death Is Not The Greatest
Loss In Life The Greatest
Loss Is When Relationship
Dies Between Two People
While They Are Still Alive.

15. When You Love Someone, It’s
Nothing. When Someone
Loves You, It’s Somthing.
When U Luv Someone & They
Luv You Back, It’s Everything.

Love Messages

Love Images, Quotes, Songs 2016

16. Luv Is Born With The Pleasure Of
Looking At Each Other, It Is
Fed With The Necessity Of Seeing
Each Other, It Is Concluded With
The Impossibility Of Separation!

17. When Lots Of People Starts To
Love You, You May Get
Confused Whom To Love, Just
Tell Them I Hate You,
Everyone Will Get Back, But Not
The Person Who Loves You Truly. (Love Songs)

18. Mohbbat Me Kisi Ko Dhokha Nahi Dena
Ho Sake To Kisi Ko Rone Ka
Moka Nahi Dena, Badi Muskil Se
Milti Hai Sacchi Muhbbat Sacchi
Muhbbat Ko Khone Ka Moka Nahi Dena.

19. Love Comes On Its Own, But It Only
Grows If You Care For It, Never
Hurt People Who Love You A Lot
Coz They Won’t Hurt You Back
But Probably Leave You Forever.

20. I Am Not That Expressive But I
Really Do Care And I Just
Pretend Everything Is Fine. Maybe
Someday, Someone Will See The
Void In Me And Fill It Up With Love.

21. It Hurts When We Risk Our Heart
& It Ends Up Being Broken But
What Hurts More Is When We
Still Hold On When We Already
Know We Are Waiting For Nothing?

22. Zindagi Mein Kisi Ko Is Kadar Mat
Pyar Karo, Ki Zindagi Bina
Unke Aadhori Lage, Mohhabat
Is Kadar Karo Ki, Hamari Mohhabat
Ke Bine Woh Aadhoori Lage.

23. Love Doesn’t Start In The Morning
And End In The Evening.
It Starts When You Don’t
Need It And Sometimes
Ends When You Need It The Most.

Latest Love Quotes

24. Log Kehte Hain Ki Ishq Itna Mat
Karo, Ki Hussan Sar Pe Sawar
Ho Jaaye, Hum Kehte Hai Ki
Ishq Itna Karo, Ki Patthar
Dil Ko Bhi Tumse Pyaar Ho Jaye!

25. Love Is Not About Age, Or Caste,
Or Any Definite Relation, It’s
The Ability To See The Pain In
Heart, Through The Eyes, Feel It,
And Take A Small Endeavour To
Treat It, With Faith And Patience.

26. Ishq Aisa Karo Ki Dhadkan Me Bas
Jaaye, Saans Bhi Lo To Khushbu
Usi Ki Aaye, Pyaar Ka Nasha
Aankhon Pe Chaa Jaaye, Baat Kuch
Bhi Na Ho Par Naam Usi Ka Aaye.

27. Dil Ki Awaaz Ko Izhaar Kehte
Hai, Jhuki Nigaah Ko Ikaraar
Kehte Hai, Sirf Paane Ka
Naam Ishq Nahin Hota, Kuch
Khone Ko Bhi Pyaar Kehte Hai!

28. If I Were An Angel, I Would Be
A Fallen One Trying To Fly On
Broken Wings, With A Broken
Heart, That Was When You
Found Me And Taught Me To Fly
Again, Because You Loved Me.

29. No Matter How Much Angry A Girl
With Her Love, She Will Always
Be Around That Person..
Silently Wishing The Best For
Him What He Will Never Know.

30. Sometimes People Decide To Just
Be Friends, Even If Their Feeling
Are Mutual. Not Because Love
Is Hard To Sustain, But Because
Commitment Complicates Everything.

31. Just Because A Relationship
Ends, Doesn’t Mean Two
People Stopped Loving Each
Other. Sometimes, They Just
Stopped Hurting Each Other. (Cool Love Quotes)

32. Love Is When You Take Away The
Feelings, The Passion, And The
Romance In The Relationship
And You Find Out That
You Still Care For The Person.

Love Quotes For Her

33. A Heart Truly In Love Never Loses
Hope, But Always Believes In The
Promise Of Love. No Matter How Long
The Time And How Far The Distance,
A Person In Love Can Sacrifice..

34. When Two People In Love, Had Break Up
Then They Can’t Be Friends Cause They
Have Hurt Each Other. They Can’t Be
Enemies, Cause Once They Loved Each
Other The Only Thing They Can Be, Is The
Most Familiar Strangers. Sad But True.

35. You Start To Change When You
Continually Get Hurt By That
One Person Who You Love,
The One Who You Thought Loved
You And Would Never Hurt You.

36. Pyar Aur Barish Dono Ek Jaise
Hote Hai, Wo Humesha Yadgar
Hote Hai, Fark Sirf Itana Hai Ki
Barish Sath Rah Kar Tan Bhigati
Hai, Aur Pyar Door Rahkar Aankhe.

37. Love Is The Flower Of Life, And
Blooms Unexpectedly And Without
Law, And Must Be Plucked Where
It Is Found, And Enjoyed For
The Brief Hour Of Its Duration.

38. I Never Wished For A Perfect Partner,
I Never Expected For An Amazing
Romance, All I Wanted Is Someone
Who Bring Back The Love That I
Gave. Someone Who I Can Call Mine.

39. Love Has Its Ups And Downs, Its
Twists And Turns, Love Leaves
You Pain, Teaches U Until
You Learn And Even If Love
Takes So Long, It Always
Takes You To Where You Belong.

40. Mumkin Nahi Shyad Kisi Ko
Samajh Pana, Samjhe Bina Kisi
Se Kya Dil Lagana, Aasan Hai
Kisi Ko Pyar Karna, Par Bahut
Mushkil Hai Kisi Ka Pyar Pana.

Love Songs

41. Loving Is Not How You Forget But
How You Forgive, Not How U Listen
But How You Understand, Not What
You See But How You Feel And Not,
How You Let’s Go But How You Hold On.

42. Dil Hona Chahiye, Jigar Hona
Chahiye Ashiqui Ke Liye Hunar
Hona Chaihye Nazar Se Nazar
Milne Par Ishq Nahi Hota Nazar Ke
Us Paar Bhi Ek Asar Hona Chahiye.

43. Pyar Ek Khubsurat Dhoka Hai,
Jaha Is Dhoke Ka Ehsas Bhi
Nahi Hota Hai, Aur Jab
Iska Ehsaas Hota Hai, Tab
Tak Pyar Ho Chuka Hota Hai.

44. It Breaks Your Heart To See The
One You Love Is Happy With
Someone Else, But It’s More
Painful To Know That The One
You Love Is Unhappy With You.

45. The One Who Loves U Will Never
Leave U, Because Even If
There Are 100 Reasons To
Give Up, He Will
Find One Reason To Hold On..!

46. If Someone Throws Stone On You.
You Throw Love To Them. But
If Anyone Throws Love On You
Step Back And Think A While Coz
Love Hurtz More Then A Stone.

47. Falling In Love, Is Like Jumping
Of Building, Your Brain Says
Dont Do It, You Will Die, But Your
Heart Says Dont Worry I Can Fly.

48. Do You Know Why God Created Gap
Between Fingers Becoz one Day,
the Person 1 Who Loves U
Truly Come And Fill Those Gaps
By Holding Ur Hands Forever!

49. Kisi Ko Toot Kar Chahne Se Koi Mohabbat
Nahi Hoti, Use Pane Ki Khwahish
Rakhne Se Mohabbat Nahi Hoti
Mohabbat Toh Es Duniya Ki Wo
Azeem Cheez Hain, Jo Kisi Se Ek Baar
Ho Jaaye Toh Phir Kisi Se Nahi Hoti.

50. Staying In Love With Someone,
Even If U Know You Can’t Be
Together In Futher Is Like Standing
In Rain, U Know U Are Going To
Be Sick, But Still U Wanna Stand
There. Becoz It Feel You Good.

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