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How To Unlock Memory Card Password In Android, PC, Laptop

Do, you have huge data in your memory card, but forgot the password of it and worried about it? Don’t worry; unlocking memory card password can be done in several ways. If you are looking to unlock your memory card password we would suggest you to follow any of the below given methods and they will definitely help you out. The below methods are given in step by step instructions even the new users can understand it. So, follow those methods and unlock your memory card in just few minutes.

How To Remove Memory Card Password

1. How to Unlock Memory Card Password for Android Mobile in PC or Laptop?

In order to remove or unlock the memory card password from android device or the phone with any kind of file explorer where you can get access to mmc store file of your memory card, you can follow t he below given steps and they will definitely help you to unlock the memory card password.

Step-1: At first, go to the file manager of your android device or other mobile.

Step-2: Now, navigate to the settings and from there you need to select the system folder.

Step-3: Once you have chosen the system folder, you need to find out a file that is named as mmc store.

Step-4: After that you found the file names mmc store, send this file to your PC or else to your Laptop using your data cable or via the Bluetooth.

Step-5: Later you need to go to the mmc store file location in your PC or laptop and open that file in a notepad.

Step-6: Finally, after you open the file you can find the password in it.

Now you can use that memory card password shown in the mmcstore file to open unlock the memory card and use it.

2. How to Unlock Memory Card Password for Symbian Mobile?

To unlock the password in your memory card or your Symbian mobile, you need to follow below given steps and recover the password.

Step-1: At first, you need to download the file Xplore application in your symbian mobile.

Step-2: Keeping memory card in your symbian phone, you need to run the X-Plore application on the phone.

Step-3: Next, you need to press the “O” zero button or key in the keypad of your phone.

Step-4: Now, you need to make sure that, you have check marked the “Show the System Files” option.

Step-5: After the above step, go to the path C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore“.

Step-6: Next, you need to press the numeric key “3” for enabling the HEX – Viewer.

Step-7: After following the above step, in the third column you can see something like this “TMSDO2G (c ??”? x???1?9?9?1?2)”

Step-8: In the above code, you need to remove the question mark “?” and then, you will be able to reset the password of your memory card successfully.

3. How to Unlock Memory Card Using E Series and N Series Nokia Mobiles?

This method would be helpful for those people who don’t want their data in the memory card but just need to unlock the memory card. To follow the below steps and unlock the memory card, you either need a Nokia E series or N series mobile.

Step-1: At first, take your memory card and insert it in any of the Nokia E series or N series mobile.

Step-2: Now, go to the settings and see the format option over there. Click it, to format your memory card.

Step-3: It will not ask you any password to format it and you can remove the password with it. Now, you can reset your new password without the old password.

4. How to Unlock Memory Card Using Any Software?

Last but not least, you can also unlock your memory card password with the help of any software available in the market. You just need to download the software and install it in to your PC or laptop and connect the memory card to your PC or laptop and then finally follow the steps explained over there. You will be done with that.

These are the four different methods through which you can unlock or remove the password of your memory card in few simple steps. So, do follow them and unlock your memory card password without any hassle. Hope, any of these methods will definitely help you out.

Unlock Memory Card In PC, Laptop

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I have a solution.its perfect just hack your symbian mobile by Nortan and rom patcher than install xplore than go to c :/sys/data.where u found mmcstore.rename to mmcstore.txt.and open u found ur password.without hack u can’t seen your mmcstore file. If u have any problem than contact me.

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