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How To Do SEO For Page Titles

SEO For Page Titles

SEO is one of the vital factors behind any successful site. And everybody knows the world SEO is full of mystery and filled with many kind of important aspects.

Title tags are one of them. A webpage title tag is also recognized by title tags or title element, which is written in the coding of the page, and generally it look like this – <title> The Title of the page is Written Here <title>.

I think you might have notice that the title tags isn’t straight forwardly displayed to the visitor on a particular page, but it can be perceive in two most important places- on the search result pages ( the blue clickable link on top of description and url) and in the social media websites ( when someone likes, shares, +1, the page). The two most significant places where title tags are shown are exceptionally valuable from an SEO approaching.

You should keep in mind that, the title element should attract to both humans and search engines and must obtain a correct balance among being convincing and being truthful. And title tags should be brief, explanatory, include proper keywords and draw attention of users and tempt people to click on it.

Also, it should be catchy – to both other titles on your site and the title your competitors are using for providing a solid opening to rank for various keywords. Are you ready to accomplish this and optimize title tags for search engines? I am sure you are, so get ready and scroll down below for discovering the strategies.


If you’re not putting your targeted keywords within your title then it becomes difficult. To rank a keyword you need to be linked with the same keyword which depends on other people’s activity.

Search engines makes main words “bold” to match the search query. Thus, you should bold your main keywords to highlight but don’t over optimize it.

If you’re writing on long tail keyword then I’ll recommend you to add that in the beginning so it could help you with search ranking and CTR.


It’s vital that you should maintain your tittles length within 50-55 characters. If it exceeds this limit then it’ll be replaced by …. And it doesn’t look well for sure. Also, short tittles are more effective to increase readers and CTR.

But you can join your keywords to make it little longer. You need to balance it properly as you need to manage both search engines and readership as well.


A proper description leads your readers to scroll down for further reading but if your topics aren’t match viewers expectation then they’ll click back button at once and increase your bounce rate, decrease in spending time and loss of readers.


If you’ve available space then it’s worthy to put your business in front of your visitors. It’s a good opportunity to spark your business on top of the visits. Build a business a page according to your niche so you can obtain maximum exposure.


Bold is a simplistic font (looks) but you can manage and specify particular words by a, an, and hyphens.

A superb presentation gives your article an extra edge. So, be consistent and make stylish your content for better outcome.

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