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Do You Know How Many Keywords Should You Target?

How Many Keywords You Target

What is the difference between majority bloggers and expert internet marketers? Well I think you know it and it is SEO. But I’m not here to bore with something that you’re familiar. I want to step inside of SEO right now to discuss about keywords.

I’m sure that you’re playing with it since you have been started your online journey. Therefore you know its importance for both traffic and earning into your blog but you couldn’t able to reach your goals or I say you failed on it. Hmm!! I can understand your situation because I’ve faced it too.
So how could you unleash your blog’s potential through proper keyword selection or should I say how many keyword your target??

How Many Keywords You Target In A Post

First of all, don’t focus on singular keywords only, try to search with related terms otherwise you may not stand a chance if you pick one keywords which has huge competition, so it’s going to be super duper difficult task for you to rank.

But that doesn’t mean that you browse 25, 40, 50 or 60 keywords. You will not get correct resources as it has mixed with lot of keywords. It’s interacting clearly for ranking any article.

Also you need to remember that Google doesn’t like keyword stuffed post but if you do still then you’ll not going to rank for sure.

I suggest you to choose medium and low competition with five keywords all together if you’ve a new blog or business although you may target further but it depends on your skill, time and content quality.
To some businesses, that might not seem a lot, but targeting 5 keywords doesn’t mean that your website will only rank for 5 keywords and get traffic from 5 keywords.

You’ve picked five keywords, so you can rank with those five topics as well as other related terms which are included into your post. Let me elaborate for you.

For instance, your focus keyword is “Build Backlinks” and if you’ve mentioned “10 effective ways to build backlinks” then you could rank on this searched query. Because Google prefers useful and creative content for the users so if you’re content is full of usefulness then you‘ll rank on both short and long keywords.

Thus, you can mention your prime keyword with above long tail to receive direct traffic from both phrases. But it’s quite difficult to find appropriate long competitive keywords due to less search results although if can do it smartly and consistently then you might unlock your blog’ next level. Nobody is going to give you treasure, so find it by yourself. Therefore, you can mix your targeted keyword with high to low to seek out the best for you.

Keep experiment and discover your suitable topic. I believe that you’ll notice change in your blog or business. It might go slow at first but you’ll receive consistent result soon.

What is your takeaway???

Experiment with top five high to low competitive keywords and seek out long-tail topics
Cover main keywords as well as extra related keywords to gather attract organic traffic and increase earning.

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Nirvan Vaswani
Nirvan Vaswani
5 years ago

Hello Inderjeet, thanks for sharing this article with us. I was looking for something related to this, I was totally confused how many articles I should target for a single post. Thanks!

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