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Happy Promise Day Facebook SMS, Whatsapp Status 2015

Firstly i want to wish Happy Promise Day to all of my visitors. As we know Promise Day is celebrated on 11 february 2015. Promise Day is a very important day for couples.


Happy Promise Day

Happy Promise Day 2015

1. Speaking Without Egos,
Loving Without Intentions,
Caring Without Expectations,
I Promise You That You Will Be Mine Always.
Happy Promise Day

2. We Have So Much More
Than I Ever Thought We Would,
I Love You More
Than I Ever Thought I Could.
I Promise To Give You
All I Have To Give,
I’ll Do Anything For You
As Long As I Live.

3. Love Is The Happiness Of Today,
And Promise Of Tomorrow,
So This Warm Note Comes To You,
To Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.
Happy Promise Day…

4. Âll Ï wanted was sm1 to Care 4 me
Âll Ï wanted was sm1 who’d be there 4 me
Âll Ï ever wanted was sm1 who’d be True
Âll Ï ever wanted was sm1 like U
[email protected] promise [email protected]

5. Ye promise h humara,
Na chhodenge kabhi saath tumhara,
Jo gaye tum hume bhool kar,
Le aayenge pakad kar haath tumhara..

6. Promise Me We R True lover
I’m Lamp, U’r Light.
I’m Coke, U’r Sprite.
I’m (Sawan)Rain, U’r Badal.
I’m Normal, U’r Pagal.

7. I Must Have Been Born Under A Lucky Star,
To Find A Friend As Nice As You Are.
I Will Follow The Rainbow To The End ,
If You Promise To Remain My Friend !!!

8. We Met It Was Luck!
We Talked It Was CHANCE!
We Became Friends It Was DESTINY!
We Are Still Friends It Is FAITH!
We Will Always Be Friends Its A PROMISE!
On This Promise Day..

9. Wo Gulab Jo Tumne mujhe diya tha
Wo Pyaar Jo Tumne mujhse kiya tha
Wo yaad Jo Tumne mujhe diya tha
Wo safar Jo humne saath tay kiya tha
nahi bhool pauga mai
jab tak hai jaan
jab tak hai jaan

10. Sweetie I Can’t Promise To Solve All Your Problems,
I Can Only Promise,
That I’ll Never Let You Face Them Alone..
Happy Promise Day..

11. “I can’t promise you the world,
But I can try to give you a happy life.

12. I can’t promise you, I will never make a mistakes,
But I can try the best i can.

13. I can’t promise you that I’ll catch you everytime you fall,
But I can try to always be close by so I can help you backup.

14. I won’t promise 2be ur frnd 4ever
bcz I won’t live that long.
But let me b ur frnd as long as I live.

15. If one day u feel like crying, call me.
I can’t promise to make u laugh,
but I’ll b cry with u.

16. This Promise day, I promiŝę u,
that I wiƖƖ be there for u.
Nęvęr turn my back on u.
Alwayŝ lovę u and kęęp u likę an angƖę in my liƒe.
Happy Promise Day sms”

17. I can’t promise that out love will last forever like in story books,
But I can promise that no matter what, I’ll never forget the memories I made with you..

18. If At Any Time Life Is Like A Candle In The Wind,
Then I’ll Put My Hands Around You So That
All Burns Are Mine And All Light Is Yours.
It’s A Promise…

19. Don’t Promise Me The Moon Or The Stars..
Just Promise Me..
You’ll Stay Under Them With Me..

20. This Promise Day 2014
I Don’t Promise You The Moon,
I Don’t Promise You The Star,
But If You Promise To Remember Me,
I Promise To Be Always There.
Thinking Of You On This Promise Day

21. I Won’t Promise To Be Your Friend Forever,
I Won’t Live That Long,
But Let Me Be Your Friend As Long As I Live…

22. “Har Pal Ke Rishte Ka Wada Hai Tumse…..
Apnapan Kuch Itna Jyada Hain Tumse…..
Kabhi Na Sochna K Bhul Jayenge Tumhe…..
Zindagi Bhar Ka Sath Denge Ye Wada H Tumse”

23. I swear 2 u on everything I’m and
I dedicate 2 u all tht I have and
I promise u tht I’ll stand right by ur side
forever and always until da day I die.

24. Friendship Is A Promise Made In The Heart….
Silent, Unwritten, Unbreakable By Distance,
Unchangeable By Time,
Its Lovely To Have You As One..!

Happy Promise Day 2015

Happy Promise Day Facebook ms Whatsapp Status

Promise Day Facebook Messages

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Aarti Thakur
Aarti Thakur
5 years ago

i like all the sms….its vry nic realy

5 years ago

you had shared very nice and lovely quotes, thanx for sharing. i gonna try this quotes on promise day 😀

deepak das (dk)
deepak das (dk)
5 years ago

I like this massages…..for promise day…..

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