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How To Drive Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog

Today’s Facebook Is #1 Social Websites In World. And Facebook Is Also a Largest Community Of  Members In All World. I Know You All Know About Facebook So I Am No More Tell About Facebook To You. Let’s Come On Point. You Can Easily Increase Your Blog Traffic By Facebook. So Today I Tell You How To Drive Traffic From Facebook To Your Blog. You Can Follow My Below Tips For Increase Your Traffic…

1. By Facebook Groups

You are Know About Facebook Groups. If Not Know  Then I Tell You Facebook Groups Are Also a Community Of Members. You Can Join Any Group Of Facebook And Post Your Blog Articles In Groups. There Are Two Type Of Groups In Facebook. One Is Open Group And Another Is Closed Group. In Open Groups You Can View The Member Discussion Without Join The Group And When Your Request Is Approved By Admin You Can Easily Share Your Articles. But In Closed Groups You Cannot View Anything Until Your Request Is Approve By The Group Admin. If Your Request Is Approved Then You Post Your Articles In Group. I Suggest You To Please Join 20 Groups In Facebook Relates To Your Blog Niche. And Post Your Blog Articles In Those Groups. You Will Definitely Receive a Huge Traffic On Your Blog From Facebook Groups.

Note: Please Join Groups Which Have Large Number Of Members.

how to drive traffic from facebook to your blog

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2. Facebook Pages

You Can Also Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog By Facebook Pages. But Firstly You Need To Create a Facebook Page In Your Niche And Increase The Likes Of Your Page. (By Your Friends Or Your Blog Readers). When You Page Gets a Huge Likes Then You Share Your Articles In Your Facebook Page And Increase Your Blog Traffic. You Can Also Find a Facebook Page In Your Niche With 100-200K Likes And Contact The Admin Of The Page. If Your Blog Articles In Nice Then Request Page Admin To Share Your Articles In The Page. Or You Give Some Fee To Admin For Sharing Your Articles In Her Page.

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5 years ago

Thank you …

nikhil singh
nikhil singh
6 years ago

You can also drive traffic from facebook pages my commenting on relevant pages along with photo and link to your blog.
we can also use hashtags to find post related to our blog over the facebook.

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