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Download Opera Mini For PC Laptop And Android 2015

Browsing in the internet has been the habit of many people these days. We do this using various browsers. But what we require is fast as well as user friendly browser and opera mini is such a browser that satisfies your browsing requirements such as speed and safety on the web. Though opera mini is mostly preferred for mobile devices, it also benefits the PC users in many ways.

Download opera mini for pc

Opera mini is having very less page loading time. Opera mini for PC has a PDF viewer as well as built-in video support. These features give more comfort for the users browsing through it. This browser has many extensions that is, more than 1000. It is very easy to use as it offers fast access to the options and gives you best experience in browsing. Even for the beginners and seasoned users this browser suits well. When you have slow internet connections, opera mini compresses the page to load it quickly.

Key Features of the Opera Mini for PC

  • Built-in feed reader as well as the web navigating features helps us stay updated with latest information and news in your favorite websites.
  • Opera link tool will allow the synchronization of bookmarks, speed dial pages and various other settings over multiple devices.
  • The browser can be customized to the user needs. You can change skin, add some visual effects, sent font size and image quality etc.
  • There are five emulators which enable you for saving the produced webpages in to the HTML format and also capture the session of browsing in to the format of GIF file. The emulator here displays the start page with bookmarks list through which you can start browsing.

You can download the opera mini in to your pc in different ways i.e., direct installation from the official website of opera or through android emulator. Below are the steps to download and install the application in two different ways.

Steps to Download Opera Mini for PC

Step-1: Visit the opera mini official website ( and the follow the below instructions.

Step-2: Select the application and download it in your PC.

Step-3: Now run the application you have downloaded.

Step-4: Then select accept and then press the install option.

Step-5: Now your application will start downloading in your PC.

Step-6: Finally a pop-up menu will appear and from that select the opera mini. Now you are done with installing opera mini on your PC.

As said we have also another method to download the opera mini using an android emulator, see the following steps to download using it.

Steps to Download Opera Mini for PC with Bluestacks Android :

Step-1: At first you need to download the bluestacks emulator or any other android emulator in to your PC.

Step-2: Install the emulator in to your PC.

Step-3: Now after installing the bluestacks open it and in the search bar type the opera mini.

Step-4: You will get list of similar applications and among them select the opera mini and click on the install button.

Step-5: Now installation starts and proceeds. After installing the opera mini for PC, you can see it in the bluestacks menu.

Step-6: You can open the opera mini form the bluestacks menu and start surfing the internet.

These are the two different methods for downloading and installing the opera mini in your PC. So install it using any of the methods. This is all about the opera mini for PC that you should know.

All in all, this Opera mini browser is recommended for the PCs to have quick browsing experience.

opera mini for pc free download

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