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Best Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog Posts

Your blog is heartless without visitors. You’ve noticed loads of comments on several blogs but you are not getting even though you’re doing hard work.  Where are you lacking? What is your mistake?  Let’s dig down below to seek out your answers.

Increase comments on your blog

Write an astounding Content 

This is the beginning. At first, you must be able to deliver amazing content which they can’t ignore. You may get little negative reaction but that’s good because you may learn from it plus you’re understating readers problem as well. By this way, you can build a base of dedicated readers around your blog.

Put a question at the end 

It’s an uncomplicated tactics where you could ask your readers about the post. Therefore, they will interact more with your blog post. Also, you may get numerous ideas or recognize some facts that you’ve missed.

Write a Top X list

People prefer to read list content habitually. It can boost your comment as well because when you write list; you miss few so it’s an opportunity to question the readers about their desired or any missing products.

Give them the privilege to share their tip

You can include a section to notify then that you’re crafting this article but they can discuss their viewpoint too. Ask your readers to share information about related problems. It’ll charge your conversation more deeply with the readers.

Use strong CTA

A strong CTA is quite vital to finish an article with flourish. You might place subscriber’s box or other things. But in this case, you’re going to ask for response.

Blog design

You shouldn’t put too many on your blog. If you’re doing then you must remove at once. It’s very irritating. So don’t let give them chance to increase your bounce rate which is worse than comments.

Use different comments system

Implement accurate comment system which suits visitors. Also, they can share onion effortlessly without any hassle.

If you’re running viral sites and you’re getting most traffic from social then you should go for “Facebook or other social comment system”. Also, you can use Disqus which has inbuilt social media features for providing your full control.

Like viral or multi-niche, you can utilize Disqus for niche blogs as well without any issue at all.

Bonus: – Building a community around your blog

Expand your relationship with fellow bloggers by reading, sharing and solving problems. You can be better blogger and reach more people around your niche.


If you ever thought to receive comments on your blog I strongly recommend you to build relationships with other bloggers because ultimately that would help you to build a large community around your blog.

Did you understand the importance of comments? You don’t need comment unnecessarily on each blog to get reaction. Rather, you should focus on creating killer content and friendship among the bloggers.

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