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How to Apply Online and Check Status of Ration Card in Assam

Ration Card is very basic requirement and necessity for every Indian person as it is equally important as an Indian Identity issued from the government of the state and as well as used to obtain subsidized food grains plus other benefits from the government.

Public Distribution System allows people to obtain subsidized ration with the help of the Ration Cards that are allocated and distributed by the Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs Department of the particular state in all its districts and Sub-divisions.

Apply Online for Ration Card in Assam

Ration Card – Types

FCS & CA Department of Assam distributes three types of Ration Cards to the families of the State depending on their economic status. These cards are described below: –

  1. Below Poverty Line (BPL): BPL Ration Cards are issued to families having their total annual incomes below INR.15000,00 and is red in color. BPL Card holders receive subsidized rice in Qty. 35 Kgs every month at the rate of INR.6.50 to7.00 for 1 Kg.
  1. Above Poverty Line (APL): APL Ration Cards are issued to the families having their total annual income more than INR.15000,00 and are yellow in color. These families get subsidized rice in Qty. 8.87 Kgs every month at the rate of INR. 9.50 to13.00 for 1 Kg
  1. Antyodaya Ration Card (AAY): AAY Ration Cards are green in color and are issued by the government to the poorest of the poor section of the society that is even poorer to BPL families. These cardholders get highly subsidized rice in qty. 35 Kgs every month at the rate of INR.3.00 for 1 Kg

What are the important documents required for the application of a New Ration Card in Assam?

  1. All the details of family members
  2. One Address Proof specifying the permanent address or the place of living (Attested Copy of Telephone Bill/ Driving License/ Bank Passbook/ Municipality Holding document/ PAN Card/ Electricity Bill/ Post Office Passbook)
  3. One copy of Land Revenue/ Tax Pay Receipt
  4. Copies of the Birth certificate of minors below 10 years of age
  5. Certified copy of Voter List Documents
  6. A certified document declaring that family is not holding any ration card from FCS & CA authority. In case applicant had a Ration Card at his previous place of residence, he must submit a certificate declaring the surrender of the Ration Card to the concerned department

How to Apply for New Ration Card (FIC) in Assam?

The application process of obtaining a Ration Card in Assam follows a series of steps that interest people can follow and use to apply for a New Ration Card (FIC).

  1. The person who wishes to obtain a New Ration Card must first produce a certificate declaring that the individual is not holding any Ration Card and this certificate must be issued from the FCS & CA authority/ Ward Commissioner or the inspector/ Village Head or the Gaon Panchayat president in writing.
  2. To get this certificate granted, the applicant is required to file an affidavit to the concerned authorities.
  3. The application of a New Ration Card should be made to the FCS & CA authority of the district/ Sub-divisions, along with the important documents and the declaration certificate.

Important Links: Here we are giving some important links of the FCS & CA Department and their complaint section.

  1. Official Website of FCS & CA Department:
  2. Complaint Monitoring System, Assam:
  3. Link for checking Ration Card Report of Assam:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants are advised to read all the provided information carefully. In the case of any doubts, all the queries are welcome in the comment section below.

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