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5 Tips To Choose The Right Domain For Your Blog/Website

Choosing an appropriate domain name for your blog or business is the first step to the rapid growing web world. Besides perfectly chosen domain name fewer your SEO headaches. The domain name you have decided should be catchy and modish, so that it can become an appealing one for the visitors. Below, I’ve listed the top 5 methods to choose the right domain for your site and don’t forget a domain name always has a major role from an SEO approach and it is the topmost essential task of an SEO. So, get ready to explore:

5 Tips To Choose Right Domain Name

Choose 4-5 Best keywords:

When you going to begin your domain quest, the first step is to pick up 4-5 keywords that are matches your blogging niche or relating to your business organization. When you finish choosing the keywords then start altering them. For an example: If you are going to make a site for selling mobile phones then what will be the proper keywords for that? Best cell phones, buy cell phones, phone, store, etc (these are just an examples). After that, attempt to make a domain name by paring those keywords. Like we can pair “phone”and “store” to make “”.

Try To Keep It Short:

Keeping your domain short and classy will force visitors to land on your blog. However, as I gave you an example of domain names in my first point “” is little bit lengthy but always try to keep in shorter. Maybe it little too longer but holds the fitting keywords.

Thus, short domain are very easy to remember and user friendly too. These days most of these readers truly love these types’ domains. Plus, these shorter domain names receives huge amount directs visitors because it can be memorized simply by the users.

Don’t Put Hyphens:

Putting hyphens in your domain names is the worst thing you can do make it mind-numbing. There are lots guys have who put hyphens in their domain URL’s for instance: “”. They did this type of practice to steal someone’s domain name. So let’s face real fact: imagine you have site popular site known as “” then there may possibly be some black hats without thinking the penalty create a domain as “”, they believe they did a great job and will get the best benefits from that.

But as a result they are totally foolish are gets nothing from that. Remember original always remains original. You can create your own unique domain URL that surely beloved by the visitors. Rather stealing others domain names.

Avoid Misspelled Domain Names:

If you just google for some minutes you will surely noticed that these many sites have misspelled domain names. Shun domain misspelling. Let’s understand the matter with example: if someone searched for a domain like “” and it isn’t obtainable then what he will do? He simply puts another “S” in the domain like “” which is available.

Don’t perform these types blunder or you will ruin your online carrier. Because major search engines don’t tolerate these mistakes penalize your sites. So keeps this thing in your while choosing the domain name.

Always Chose A TLD Domain:

TLD means Top Level Domains which acts like identifying mark to the visitors. TLD domain always has more than other lower lever domain names. So if are serious about make a name for yourself in web arena, then I recommend you to choose Top Level Domains which has solid authority and symbolize your organization to the global world.

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