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5 On Page SEO Checklist For Your Blog 2015

On Page SEO Check list 2015

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a crucial ingredient behind any successful website. On page SEO possibly the most important parts of SEO strategies not only for ranking but also for a successful internet marketing campaign. So, you should be very careful while planning and applying it on your blog.

Although, I won’t say that there is any permanent approach for SEO but there are few aspects which definitely impacts in case of getting good search engine results. Thus, everyone knows that getting organic traffic for your site is how much important.

SEO is a gigantic topic and if you are doing to your new website or SEO examine of a site then you should uphold a SEO checklist, so that without delaying you can see how well your site is optimized. But sustaining a list is a tough job that’s why today I am creating this list so that you can effortlessly test out your site SEO.

This list contains some of things you should know and many other tips. Below I’ve tried as much as I can cover up. If you have more suggestion feels to suggest in the comment box.

1. Enhance visibility with SEO-Friendly URLs: 

In the beginning you should focused on your site URL’s and make sure each one is SEO friendly, And that uses the Keyword Phrases Naturally while representing what the page is all about. This process is really very good for both search engines and readers.

The main thing is you need keep the whole thing uncomplicated, readable and well recognizable yet keyword rich as in the search results. I am sure you have noticed that the keywords in the permalink are always bold that signify they have some weights.

Trying out keyword-only url’s is a good practice because they’ve revealed signs of getting fine search results. Also, you should verify whether you’re using one version of your URL-if not then if should be, you may be lope into some confusion on both user and search engine end. So, provide WWW version of your URL and do check Robots.txt file to make sure your URL is going to indexable.

2. Title – Always Include Keywords:

Over the decades title tags are one of the most important aspects in whole SEO book. And we’ve seen pages ranking when the keywords positioned properly in title tags. In past few year Google’s varies algorithms places a lot of strict rules on title tag to find out what the page is about and not only it shows on top of your browser but also in the SERP consequences.

So always contain the keywords that you’re trying to rank for. And not only use the keyword wisely also makes sure it convincing. Utilize the ethics of writing good headlines by writing title tags that were uncomplicated, easy to read and get right to the point.

3.  Write Feature Focused Meta Description: 

Meta description is one of the most influential elements of SEO world. Veiling in at 150 words, the Meta description is the most powerful tool you ever have in the SERP’s as it’s the only place in search engines where you can fundamentally get ad copy for free. Use that 150 typescript count by using space to make it to work, write creative worth suggestions, your brand or any particular details regarding your business, etc.

It doesn’t trouble whether you are a startup or simply a service provider in your area, you can use the meta description to feature your USP. But keep in mind that, you should not cross over the words limit, use the space cleverly and efficiently.

4. Internal Linking with Anchor Text:

The main objective of everyone is to keep the search engines and readers moving deeper into the site. And for increasing readers experience on your site you should obviously use interlink links. This practice surely increase your rankings too. If are referencing pages or post make sure you are linking them using anchor text or keyword phrases. And remember don’t add too many links in a single post it will surely look ugly to your loyal readers. So, keep if natural and insert while interlinks when it makes sense.

5. Better Readability

Is your font is too small? Is your font difficult to read?

Trust me or not, these things play an important role more than you had thought. So always ensure the content you are writing is able to engage and uncomplicated to read. If not, then your site bounce rates will increasing rapidly and also indicates the search engines that your page isn’t worth reading.

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